PARIS :: city of lights

Hello Paris, city of lights
Where metal tower reaches the sky
Where boats pass through famous streams
That glitter like aquamarines


This proud city welcomes me
After flights of eternity
Yet blue-capped buildings tug at me
Like long-forgotten memories


A city steeped in history
Head held high against enmity
Laneways crammed with enticing smells
Tree-lined streets hold me under a spell


I am a traveller from distant lands
I come from shores of marble sand
For years I’ve seen your city gleam
And seen your sights through naught but screens


But now I walk these ancient streets
Down winding alleys on unwearying feet
Your rolling language on halting tongue
Your three colours on flagpoles hung


Hello Paris, city of love
You are my home for the next few months
Each morning I’ll look onto blue-capped roofs
And of my blessings, this is proof.


[Written 22/7/16 in my hostel lobby]


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