VENICE :: mazes and masks

We sailed into the city of masks
Under darkness and cold stars
In silence steeped in history
We made our way in mystery


Past alleyways which swept our shoulders
On cobblestoned roads of tiny boulders
Over intricate bridges and webs of canals
An expansive square greets our eyes now.


Every corner is a new sight
A square, a bridge, a hidden delight
As gondolas slip through silently
My soul is at peace, finally.


Venezia, your streets are a maze
I could wander your alleys for days
I would sail your watery streets
And walk on stones above the sea.


I know that you have captured hearts
Or philosophers and artists far
From your laneways and your shores
And I am naught but just one more.


But I will never forget the fire
That kindled in my heart desire
To spend my days in your embrace
And memorise every alleyway.


When I look upon your narrow streams
Lined with flooded steps and deemed
A sinking place of forgotten times
I know that those are all just lies.


For I see flowers splashing colour
Buildings aged look not duller
But gleam with proud and willful spirit
And every bridge has secrets whispered.


Your churches stand on ocean waves
And of your heart the poets rave
The square that dwarfs the mightiest men
Is as magnificent now as it was then.


But soon I will be forced to leave
To follow the road where it may lead
To glide away and watch you fade
Over the horizon, into the haze.


That will not be the end of me,
For you and I are bound by destiny
So long as ships sail into your piers
It is certain I will again be here.


[Written on 28/7/16, in a café by the Rialto Bridge]


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