FLORENCE :: bird’s eye

Florence wears a uniform
Of red and white and pale gold
Carpeting a valley of green
With intricate patterns patterns
And the echo of the mountains
Disappears into a blue haze.


Roofs of red like a fiery dusk
Wearing shirts of gold and white
Green shutters thrown open
From every tiny window eye
An eternity of dots stretching into the evening
Until it is swallowed by masses of green.


The domed cathedral dominates
Golden-tipped and gilded green.
Rising out from the sea of stone
The tips and spires of bell-towers
And churches steeped in ancient ways
Are yet to lose their awe.


The river glitters in the murky haze
While bridges stand guard,
Proud and resolute.
That famous row of colourful shops
Suspended over watery depths
Connecting the old and the new.


[Written 26/7/16 at the Piazza del Michelangelo, overlooking Florence]


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