CINQUE TERRE :: the road

Early morning sun pierces through clouds,
Dawns on green mountains
Wreathed in mist like gentle spectres
Fading blue into the distance.


Houses dot the green expanse,
Red-roofed and white-walled,
Clustered or free-standing,
Clinging to mountain slopes.


The clouds lie lazily about,
Sinking low in the sky,
Milling about mountain tops,
Tendrils reaching down to the earth.


The sun glows.
It baths the mountains in golden light,
Translucent silhouettes of a thousand ridges
Against a clear blue sky.


[Written on 29/7/16 on the train to Cinque Terre. Unfortunately I was hiking all day and did not have the time to write any while actually in the beautiful villages – perhaps I will write one in hindsight.]


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