ROME :: Augustus

He was forged from blood and stone,
Moulded by vicious times
When men with armies ruled the world
But the fatal blade came from allies.

The sand beneath his feet shifted
The winds of fortune blew to and fro.
There were those who snickered at him,
A child on Caesar’s throne?

Turned his nose up, smiled at them,
Rode by arrayed in splended robes.
It was not age that counted here,
It was genius, didn’t they know?

He crushed plots with a wave of his hand,
Murdered plotters with a nod,
Stared his enemies straight in the eye,
Fear pierced them to the core.

His generals were victorious in war
His purse was loose and generous
His charming wit disarmed the Senate
With false modesty and fairness.

He sat at the centre of the world,
Surveyed his conquered lands,
Watched armies bowing at his feet:
The world complied with every demand.

First Emperor of the Empire
A god disguised as a man,
Augustus Caesar ruled the world
Turned Rome from marble from sand.

[Written on 4/8/16]


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