In a land of myth
And a time of magic
A castle of dreams
Towered over a village.
Its blue-capped roofs
Emerged from legend,
Its fortified stone walls
Kept careful guard.


In another life
This place held magic,
And dangers besieged it
From unknown realms,
But here there lived
A valiant prince
Aided in the dark
By a lionheart.


They walked these streets
And roamed these room,
Bantered in long corridors.
Men passed judgment kneeling
Or held feasts beside the throne.
A warlock studied,
A princess turned mad,
And between them suspended destiny.


You may call them lost
To fantasy and fiction,
But in my heart
They lived here.
Welcomed valiant knights,
Waged wars against kingdoms,
Fought for morality


Here stands the last relic
Of their legendary feats.
The cold stone towers
And mosaic-ed windows
And stone gargoyles of fantasy
And cobblestones of echoed steps
Of the greatest wizard to ever live
And his once and future king.


[Written 9/9/16. I have chosen to put this poem out of order for good reason – this is a special poem  that describes my visit to the Château de Pierrefonds in France, otherwise known as the filming location of Camelot in BBC’s Merlin. I am a huge fan of that show and it was something really special to walk around that castle and relive the memories of some of my favourite characters. I am posting this today in honour of National Merlin Day – may we all have courage, strength and magic, and find our destinies.]


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