COMPIEGNE :: the forest

Feel the rush of wind
Tossing at my hair
As I ride through forest paths.
Watch the blur of green
On either side
As though I’ve grown wings to fly.


The road ahead
Is smooth and straight
My wheels skim like skipping stones.
Silence reigns
Save for the whispering leaves
And my wheels ticking like clocks.


Watch the dappled sunlight
Blocked by  roof of branches
That suddenly fall away and open.
A vast expanse
Of green and trees
At a long-forgotten crossroad.


Hurtling forward
Without a are
Towards a brand new horizon.
We are young
In a foreign land
And we feel invincible.

[Written 9/9/16 – most of these photos were taken on a bike, which is why they are slightly blurred]


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