A misted spectre rises
From a sea of endless sand,
A tower amidst the clouds,
Surveying the low-lying lands,
An ancient stone giant
Proudly weathering winds,
Even as storm-clouds billow
And the sky is dimmed.


The clack of shoes on cobblestones
In this famous fortress town,
Back into the fog of time
As old shops surround.
Climb uneven stairs
Amidst soaring towers,
A gasp of pure delight
As I stare out for hours


At white-washed sand flats
As far as the eye can see
Covered by a low tide
That protects in time of need.
The horizon fades away
Into a sea of darkening clouds,
And the wind bites at my skin
With a whistling sound.


A panorama of wonder
Greets my eyes here.
The world spread before my feet,
A sight my heart holds dear,
For this majestic city
Has seen centuries pass by
And countless men have visited
Or lived here and died.


An island amongst the tides
Between the sea and sky,
A grand towering fortress
Radiating might.
Its darkened stones tell stories
In its abbey and its halls,
As a symbol it will stand
For ages to come, I am sure.


[Written 27/9/16]


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