BRUGES :: to sleep perchance to dream

[Firstly, apologies for the delay in posts. I have not had time to update while travelling. Secondly, I have had some technical difficulties and some of my photos are inaccessible at the moment, so photo quantity/quality may not be as good as I would like.]


A sleepy old town
Basks in the morning light
Nested amidst canals
Beneath a clear blue sky

Its houses painted radiant
Flank its charming streets
OF cobblestones and wide canals
Beneath grand and stoic trees

A tolling bell echoes
Into soporific silence
As we stumble upon parks
Warmed as the sun rises.


Ahead, a square opens up
A statue and canal
Flanked by willow trees
That bend in the wind’s sound.

Cross a charming ancient bridge
To see a marketplace
Of white tents and rare goods
And a painter without haste

edit 1.JPG

For time matters little here,
I will take it in my stride
Bruges tugs my heartstrings
And takes me for a ride

Sit in silence, watch the rivers
Lose myself in dreams
Water washes at coloured walls
A quaint reflected scene.

Taste crunchy fries and waffles
While sitting in a square,
Watch boats speed back and forth
Admire a scene so rare.


Time is suspended
In this charming quiet place
The contentment and peace here
I’ll remember for days.

So come, have a beer with me
And for a while forget
All the sorrows of the world
For this city you have met.


[Written 27/9/16]


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