OSLO :: wind and ice

Norway is a country
Ruled by ice and snow.
The wind bites sharp,
The skies are grey,
The leaves shiver with cold.

In autumn golden colours
Dot their mighty forest.
Houses red
Amidst green and cold,
A plethora of colours.


The lakes are vast and grey
Like silver marbled floors.
The flat surface
Ripples with
The wind’s howling calls.

Oslo sits at the mouth
Of a mighty fjord
Its houses grey
And lifeless
Its boats in harbour moored.


The roofs are black,
The buildings stand cold,
Still and silent
Few people are so bold

To brave the biting wind
Though it is only autumn,
The snow falls
In high mountains
And days begin to shorten.


Oslo I found bleak
And grey with little cheer
Museums crammed with history
A culture based on beer

The streets are straight
As though cut with a ruler
Daylight seems
Perpetually dimmed
and each day grows cooler.


This is farewell Oslo,
I don’t think I will return.
You were kind
But you lacked life,
For me you were too stern.

[Written 25/10/16]


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