NORWAY :: travel by train

The train rolls by
Tracks smooth and silent
Across a stark and wild land
Where forests reign
And rivers flow
And towering snow-capped mountains stand.

The trees rush by
Outside my window
Their red and yellow hues aglow
Squat red houses
With slanted roofs
Warmly prepare for winter snow

Leaves of gold
Encircle lakes
That shimmer like molten silver
And like a painting,
The reflection
Makes trees look like they shiver.

Beneath grey clouds
And stifled skies
Mountains are streaked with gold
And burgundy
Amidst wild green
As days slowly turn cold

This enchantment
Greets my eyes
As I rush by on metal wheels
A cushioned chair,
Bent over a table,
Riding tracks of steel

I will return
Another day
To walk alone in wild landscapes
When skies are blue
Sun never sets
And people swim in crystal lakes

But now I leave
For neighbouring lands
With little expectation
With no regret
For I will return
To this stark and beautiful nation.

[Written 25/10/16, on the train between Norway and Sweden. I’m afraid I couldn’t take any good photos while on the train, so hopefully the words will be enough.]


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