BARCELONA :: Sagrada Familia

A thousand spires,
A million bricks
Eternal blood and tears.
Soaring towers
Towards the sky
Allaying all my fears.



Tall tree trunks form towers
Standing resolute
Emanating powers
Of Heaven, God and truth.


A hundred years,
And then ten more
Before it is complete,
But even now,
Its splendour’s clear
For all the world to see.


The afternoon sunlight
Shining through stained glass.
Countless colourful rites
In a hall vaulting and vast.


Breathless silence
Reverent gazes
Behold with awe, and stare
At the height, the might
The majesty
Of this precious place of prayer.

[Written 8/12/16. Apologies for the hiatus in posting.]


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